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Hello. Nice to meet you!

Welcome to my wonderful world. What can I offer you? 
Coaching and Empowerment Tools for Women: Discover your Feminine Power
Teaching you all the tools for a successful womanhood! Take charge of their life, 
-discover and start to love their femininity
-get better relationships
-get in touch with their intuition and spirituality
-understand how money works
Comprehensive online courses in small groups a few times per year. Get back behind your steering wheel! Join the group here for more information or sign up my mailing list! 

Dating Advice 
I am a certified Rules® Dating Coach. The Rulesare a set of recommendations to help women to find a suitable partner for a serious relationship. Women who follow the Rules usually start to change their life for their better and increase their life quality tremendously. 
I can coach you in English, French and Swedish. 
Join the german speaking FB group here.
- English speaking groups here

Travel and Living abroad
Tips and tricks on travel even a very small bud…
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Hi. I am Tanja

In my past live I was a pale-skinned woman, held captive underground. In my current live, I managed to break out of my chains and be myself! A beautiful happy woman with all the bells and whistles. 
I love my life! I love to be a woman! I cherish myself! 

This life has been about searching how to overcome these chains. There was a lot of travelling, going to far away places and finally understanding that the barriers are just mental, until I became who I truly wanted to become:

That woman I am supposed to be! 

While travelling and living abroad, I was able to accumulate a lot of knowledge and learning many tools for creating a good life. Constantly being different than most other people was a challenge which truly built my character.  All this was difficult at times but worth it!

Because it brought me to where I am now: I play my own drums now.

Finally, after so many years of learning and growing I am able to provide you with what I have come to earth for:

Tools for living a bett…