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How can I help you?

Welcome to my wonderful world. What can I offer you? 

Coaching and Empowerment Tools for Women: Discover your Feminine Power

Teaching you all the tools for a successful womanhood! Take charge of their life, 
-discover and start to love their femininity
-get better relationships
-get in touch with their intuition and spirituality
-understand how money works

Comprehensive online courses in small groups a few times per year. Get back behind your steering wheel! Join the group here for more information or sign up my mailing list! 

Dating Advice 

I am a certified Rules® Dating Coach. The Rules are a set of recommendations to help women to find a suitable partner for a serious relationship. Women who follow the Rules usually start to change their life for their better and increase their life quality tremendously. 

I can coach you in English, French and Swedish. 
Join the german speaking FB group here.  
- English speaking groups here

Travel and Living abroad

Tips and tricks on travel even a very small budget and guide to living and working abroad: 

Travellog with funny travel stories

Vegan and Glutenfree Cooking Recipes in German

Cooking is one of my passions. Ask me for more details! 

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